On October 1, 1901 in the Roane County, Tennessee Register of Deeds record book "B", series 3 page 580 & 581, a lot was conveyed for the sum of $1 from J.N. Baker to the trustees of the First Baptist Church of Cardiff. These trustees included J.C Montgomery, J.Y. Owings, and A.C. Guy. A description of this land is as follows: ALying in the 20 Civil district of Roane County, Tennessee, in the town known as Cardiff. Beginning at a stone at the south side of Lincoln Street, as laid out on the plat of the said town of Cardiff. Thence southwardly on a line at right angles to said said street 125 feet to a stone , thence westwardly parallel with said street 80 feet to a stone, thence northwardly on a line to a stone on the south line of said street, thence eastwardly along said street 80 feet to the beginning. Being a lot 80 x 125 feet and including the said Baptist church building now being built on said lot.

At one time there were three churches in Cardiff. The Methodist Episcopal Church - South, the Christian church, and the Baptist church. Besides the small family graveyards, the Methodist had the only church graveyard in the community. Since most of the preachers for that time were circuit preachers, each church would take turn about having Sunday services..

The old minute books for the church starts in 1912 and goes to the present. These books are kept in the home of the church clerk. The first baptism recorded is of Andy Edwards in 1902. The Church pastors are as follows:

E.B. Booth: ? - 1912

W.M. Frye: 1912 - 1916

J.C. Cate: 1916 - 1922

James Goddard: 1922 - 1926

E.L. Brown: 1926 - ?

Nelson McGaha: ? - 1934

L.D. Marsh: 1934 -1938

Fred Laymance: 1938 -1939

Amos Collins: 1939 - 1941

Lester Todd: 1941 - 1942

Sam Scarbro: 1942 - 1943

W.R. James: 1943 - 1946

Dewey Todd: 1946

E.J Brown: 1946 - 1949

Dewey Thomas: 1949 - 1951

Arthur Gordon: 1951 - 1954

Frank Poland: 1954 - 1955

J.D. Sayers: 1955 - 1958

Carl Armes:1958 - ?

Henry Swallows: ? - 1965

Carl Armes: 1965 -1972

Arthur Cate: 1972 - 1976

Robert Maxwell: 1977

Homer Gunter: 1978

Roy Langley: 1979 - 1998

Mike Beach: 1998 - 2003

Mathew Cannon: 2003 - 2007

Tony Brock: 2008 - 2008

Eric McConkey: 2009 - 2010

Charles Johnson- 2010 -

As the mines in Cardiff started closing in the early 1920s, the people started leaving. With this the Christian Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church - South also closed its doors, but Cardiff Baptist Church remained open and the center point to the Cardiff community. On the night of November 28, 1977 the old clapboard church building that had served the community since 1901, burned to the ground. The cause was believed to be a roman candle fired near the building by some children and shooting a spark in the gas supply in the heating system. All that remains of the old building is the bell in the sign in front of the new building. The church met for a year at the Pond Grove school house until a new building was erected on the same ground as the old building. In 1978 the church moved into a new building that housed a baptistery, a fellowship hall, and additional classrooms. The church today remains a help center for the needy and a beacon for the lost.